About Us

A Vision to HYDE in Style

We're Suzie Weidling & Annie Krasnow, CITIZEN HYDE’s flower-friendly female co-founders.

For years, we’ve been on a quest to find portable, stylish & secure solutions for storing & carrying our plant medicine & other personal items.


Unable to find products that met our standards, we teamed up to create CITIZEN HYDE, a line of lockable bags & concealable accessories that seamlessly pair sophistication & style with discreet security features.

Inspired by the designer staples from our very own wardrobes, every CITIZEN HYDE product is crafted using premium, high quality materials & designed for versatility in classic colorways.

We only design & sell products we want to use ourselves, so everyone, just like us, can HYDE the things you care about most in a proud & stylish way. 

Our Citizens

CITIZEN HYDE products are intentionally & inclusively designed for all.

Our citizens are cannabis-using, concert-going, passport-carrying, wine-sipping, taste-making parents, athletes, students, CEOs, artists, soldiers, doctors, teachers and everyone in between.

About Suzie and Annie

Founders Annie Krasnow and Suzie Weidling met in Los Angeles, CA in 2012. Their connection was immediate, initially formed through their daughters’ friendship and then further cemented through a shared love of music, sports, travel, fashion and the mutual enjoyment of recreational HYDABLES. Add their collective east coast roots and passion for entrepreneurship and a lifelong bond was formed, culminating in the launch of CITIZEN HYDE.

Suzie’s (left) dream HYDING place is at Madison Square Garden, while watching her beloved Knicks FINALLY win an NBA championship in her lifetime.

Annie (right) is the ultimate music lover, and can be found enjoying her favorite artists at live shows across California, New York and abroad. Annie’s dream HYDING place would be a Dead & Company show in London.

Our Mission