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Unrivaled Privacy & Security

Security Features

  • Lockable

    A buckle clasp that doubles as a lock using your unique 3-digit combination code.

  • Scent Proof

    Mylar-coated odor resistant lining to keep interior contents discreet.

  • LED-Lit

    Attached LED light to illuminate your lock & bag contents.

  • Hidden

    Every CITIZEN HYDE bag is designed with multiple hidden compartments, perfect for anything worth HYDING.

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Elevated Style

Designed in Los Angeles

  • Premium Vegan Suedes & Leathers

    Crafted with high quality vegan materials & built to last.

  • Removable & Adjustable Straps

    Designed for versatility, our adjustable & removable straps take your bag from crossbody or shoulder to belted or clutch in seconds.

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