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The Marley

The Marley

Camo (Canvas)

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Our clean, stylish and functional pouch can be worn belted or cross-body with a twist: a buckled clasp with an elevated design finish that doubles as a security barrier with a 3-digit combination code which functions as a portable safe.

How to Wear

Adjustable strap for crossbody or belted wear. The removable strap enables the bag to be used for hand-held or home use. You can also use the pouch with any belt from your personal collection.


Lockable buckle clasp with 3-digit combination code connects the zipper pull to the bag, enabling it to lock or not when clasped. This stylish yet discreet design element offers the option to secure & lock the contents of your bag when it is clasped and locked. The bag can remain clasped but unlocked if kept on its current combination.

Hidden Compartments

  • Interior hanging pocket with additional hidden pocket underneath
  • Adjustable strap/belt features a small zipper pocket for storing cash or other small items


  • EXTERIOR: Premium utility canvas (Camo and Black) or vegan suede (Sand), state-of-the-art custom hardware, proprietary lock design.
  • INTERIOR: Mylar-backed odor resident lining to keep interior contents discreet.
  • ACCESSORIES: Your bag includes a flat vegan leather flashlight for extra illumination when & where you need it. Use your flashlight at night to unlock your combination, sort through bag contents or light the way on your walk home.


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Unlocking The Design

Explore the built-in security, privacy & design features that make Citizen Hyde bags truly one-of-a-kind

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