Premium vegan suedes and leathers.
Aroma resistant with hidden pockets.

  • Lockable

    A buckle clasp that doubles as a lock using your unique 3-digit combination code.

  • Scent Proof

    Mylar-coated odor resistent lining to keep interior contents discreet.

  • LED-Lit

    Extra light for unlocking at night, for your walk home or anytime you need it.

  • Hidden

    Every CITIZEN HYDE bag is designed with multiple hidden compartments, perfect for anything worth HYDING.

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  • Pairing Candles

    The first of its kind, our plant-based, hand-poured candles pair perfectly with your favorite activity to enhance recreational experiences. In addition, our high quality fragrances HYDE unwanted odors.

  • Accessories

    Stylish, discreet & designed to accompany all of our lockable bags.

  • Our Mission

    The CITIZEN HYDE Initiative pledges a portion of proceeds from every purchase to support community nonprofits.


Lockable bags for HYDING it all